Friday, September 17, 2021

Salish Sea News Week in Review September 17 2021

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Aloha Fall Weather Friday!
The National Weather Service of Seattle is predicting winds of up to 50 mph Friday through Saturday. Also in the forecast: 10 times the precipitation Seattle had all summer over just three days.The B.C. South Coast can expect about 50 millimetres of rainfall by Friday evening, but Environment Canada believes there is a chance there will be more and some areas could see 10 millimeters of rain in one hour. Duck, goose and beaver weather.

Scorched Earth: Why Washington wildfires are getting bigger
The wildfire trends are unmistakable in Washington state and around the western United States. There are more wildfires, they are bigger and they are more and more devastating.

An iconic tree is dying off in Whatcom — what’s causing it and how can you help save it?
The grim reaper is coming for the region’s Western redcedar. Across the Pacific Northwest, a concerning number of the species are dying, forest health experts say.

No longer a rainforest: B.C.’s Sunshine Coast improvises to survive long-term drought
As the area’s reservoirs continue to shrink, residents are experimenting with new ways to manage their relationship with watersheds.

Flying by the Fat of the Sea
Scientists may have cracked an essential secret of shorebirds’ marathon migrations. 

Recovery effort aims to restore pinto abalone mollusks that once flourished in Salish Sea
These pinto abalone are being raised by the tens of thousands in dozens of 30-gallon tanks at the Seattle Aquarium. It’s a conservation venture to restore a native species at grave risk of extinction in the Salish Sea.

No federal party offers clear path on how to wind down fossil fuel production
When asked about new scientific research showing much of the country’s oil, gas and coal should stay in the ground so that Canada meets its climate targets, none of the major parties were able to say how they plan to achieve this.

Trans Mountain Loses 16th Insurer as Industry Giant Chubb Walks Away
The world’s biggest publicly-traded provider of property and casualty insurance, Chubb, has become the 16th insurer to declare that it won’t back the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline, a coalition of climate and Indigenous campaigners announced yesterday.

Feds OK plan to cut salmon fishing when needed for orcas 
Federal officials have approved a plan that calls for cutting nontribal salmon fishing along the West Coast when the fish are needed to help the Northwest’s endangered killer whales.

With 3 pregnant J pod orcas, boaters told to keep away
With three pregnant J pod orcas in local waters, boaters are being asked to keep their distance and commercial tour operators are being told to stay at least a nautical half-mile from the whales.

Why are Columbia River steelhead having such a bad year?
The bottom has dropped out of the steelhead population this year, and the fish’s mysterious ocean life is making it harder to know why.

At Friday Harbor Labs, scientists give sea stars a chance to shine
At the UW's Friday Harbor Laboratories, scientists give sunflower sea stars a chance to shine.

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