Friday, May 3, 2024

Salish Sea Mews Week in Review May 3, 2024

Aloha Spam (Email) Friday
The first known spam electronic mail (although not yet called email), was sent on May 3, 1978 to several hundred users on ARPANET. It was an advertisement for a presentation by Digital Equipment Corporation for their DECSYSTEM-20 products sent by Gary Thuerk, a marketer of theirs. The linguistic significance of the usage of the word 'spam' is attributed to the British comedy troupe Monty Python in a now legendary sketch from their Flying Circus TV series, in which a group of Vikings sing a chorus of "SPAM, SPAM, SPAM..." at increasing volumes.(Wikipedia)

Local border waters are on the cusp of a major rise in oil tanker traffic
Are we ready? Completion of a Canadian pipeline expansion means more crude-carrying vessels passing through the Salish Sea en route to the Pacific, amplifying spill fears.

Southern resident killer whales face extinction in 75-100 years, study predicts
If more changes aren’t made, prospects appear dim for the survival of the southern resident killer whale. This population of around 75 individuals is heading toward extinction at a rate of one-to-two per cent annually, according to a study published Tuesday by researchers with B.C.-based Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

The great escape: Orphaned orca swims to freedom, begins search for family
The young orca's bid for freedom occurred at a high tide early Friday and involved swimming through a swift-moving, narrow channel and underneath a bridge, with Esperanza Inlet in the near distance.

The new Trans Mountain pipeline will soon carry oil. Could an Indigenous Rights case impact operations?
Trans Mountain’s decision last summer to trench through an Indigenous sacred site kicked off more dissent. The decision ‘undermines Secw├ępemc law’ according to the nation, which is boosting title claim efforts to protect its sacred spaces.

Like It or Not, Even Wildlife-Focused Ecotourism Affects Wild Animals
Under the watchful gaze of ecotourists, British Columbia’s grizzly bears become skittish and avoid prime hunting spots.

Living with Trans Mountain
After a decade of work, oil is flowing through the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. People who live along the pipeline are looking to the future.

Almost all mountain goats died after airlift from Olympics to Cascades
Federal authorities moved hundreds of goats to the North Cascades. Tracking showed most died within five years. Now, tribes are trying to save the population.

Electricity demand in Northwest projected to grow 30% in decade
Electricity demand in the Northwest is expected to grow more than 30% in the next decade, or about 5% more than estimated last year and triple the prediction three years ago, industry experts said in a new report.

Court overturns $185M verdict for Monsanto PCBs at Monroe school
In a complex 78-page ruling Wednesday, the state Court of Appeals found a trial court misapplied state laws in the landmark case.

Ecology files water rights adjudication in Whatcom County Superior Court
The Washington Department of Ecology filed a basin-wide general adjudication for the Nooksack river system and nearby areas with the Whatcom County Superior Court on May 1, formally beginning the adjudication process. A water rights adjudication determines whether each water use on a source is legal, how much water can be used, and its priority during shortages.

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