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Salish Sea Mews Week in Review March 1 2024

Aloha Pig Friday!
National Pig Day honors the domesticated pig. According to Mary Lynne Rave, who started National Pig Day with her sister Ellen Stanley in 1972, the purpose of the day is "to accord to the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place as one of man's most intellectual and domesticated animals."  Pigs are from the Suidae family of mammals; species include wild boars, warthogs, the pygmy hog, and the domesticated pig—the species focused on today. Pigs were one of the first domesticated animals, leaving their wild roots about 6,000 years ago in China. They were first brought to the New World by Hernando de Soto, in 1539.

New Columbia Basin plan promises $1B for fish restoration and a break from court cases
This agreement, combined with other funding, will bring more than $1 billion to wild fish restoration and a 10-year break from court cases, according to the Biden administration.

Chinook Indian Nation land claim settlement awarded, nation could be closer to federal recognition
The federal government awarded over half a million dollars to the Chinook Indian Nation to settle the nation’s long-running land claim.

BC Urged to ‘Completely Change Its Approach to Firefighting’
A 14-member government-appointed expert task force is expected to report soon with recommendations on improving emergency preparedness and response. Premier David Eby says the province is already acting on the task force’s preliminary recommendations.

New ferries will carry more people, use green technology
B.C. Ferries is unveiling plans for new major vessels that ­feature more space for ­passengers and vehicles and greener technology. Up to seven new major ­vessels will join the fleet, with the first set to arrive in 2029.


B.C. First Nation sues federal government over ban on herring spawn fishery
The Heiltsuk Nation claims the federal fisheries minister's decision to close the commercial harvest of herring spawn-on-kelp in the nation's territory was an infringement of its Aboriginal rights.

Trans Mountain's latest cost estimate climbs 10%, regulatory filing shows
According to a regulatory filing Trans Mountain Corp. provided to the Canada Energy Regulator on Monday, the company building the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion now estimates the project's costs will come in 10 per cent higher than its May 2023 estimate of $30.9 billion.

Gray whales return to Salish Sea as population struggles
Each year in the late winter, a small group of gray whales will detour from their usual 5,000-mile migration between the southern tip of California and the Bering Sea near Alaska to make a stop in the Salish Sea.

Oil spilled by Fraser River sturgeon habitat. Why did it take almost 3 months to start cleaning up?
A landslide in early December caused a spill that First Nations leaders say endangers prime sturgeon habitat in the Fraser River. They’re left wondering why it’s taken so long to address.

BC wildfire: Expect early, intense battle as drought lingers
A drought that has lingered across much of B.C. since the fall of 2022 could be a harbinger of a “grim” wildfire season.

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