Friday, September 1, 2023

Salish Sea News Week in Review September 1 2023


Aloha National Food Bank Friday!
National Food Bank Day was created in 2017, to commemorate fifty years since the founding of St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance, the first food bank in the world, and to "recognize the outstanding contributions of food banks around the country". St. Mary's was founded by John ven Hengel in 1967, and its mission is to "alleviate hunger through the gathering and distribution of food while encouraging self-sufficiency, collaboration, advocacy and education."

Celebrating the life of Tokitae the orca on San Juan Island
More than 300 people gathered Sunday at a park in the heart of the home waters of the southern resident orcas to pay tribute to the life of Tokitae.

The quest for an ancient colossus, in the wild rainforest of B.C.
Experts worry B.C.’s giant trees could be the last of their kind as climate change jeopardizes their ability to survive the centuries to come.

Pink salmon are having a great 2023 return in Puget Sound
The 2023 pink salmon run is forecast to be about four million returning to Puget Sound, around the 10-year average.

Province of B.C. says it's spent $585M so far this year fighting wildfires
The B.C. government has spent more than half a billion dollars so far this year fighting a historically bad wildfire season, and that number is expected to continue to rise in the coming weeks as hundreds of blazes continue to burn.

30 years after Clayoquot Sound, old growth logging continues unabated, says B.C. conservation group
The Sierra Club of B.C. says the logging of large old trees in verdant, bio-diverse forests on Vancouver Island has continued mostly unabated in the 30 years since one of the biggest acts of civil disobedience in Canada.

New flame retardants found in breast milk years after similar chemicals were banned
In the early 2000s, researchers tested breast milk samples from U.S. mothers and found high levels of toxic compounds used as a common flame retardant in household items. This summer, scientists detected a new set of similar flame retardants in the breast milk of 50 U.S. women. 

Native nations on front lines of climate change share knowledge and find support at intensive camps
People from at least 28 tribes and intertribal organizations attended this year’s camp in Port Angeles, Washington, and more than 70 tribes have taken part in similar camps organized by the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians at other sites across the U.S. since 2016.

The EPA removes federal protections for most of the country's wetlands
The EPA and Department of the Army announced a final rule amending the definition of protected "waters of the United States" in light of the decision in Sackett v. EPA in May, which narrowed the scope of the Clean Water Act and the agency's power to regulate waterways and wetlands.

BC Hydro apologizes for $128 million Site C dam data error
Over three years, undisclosed employees quietly handed out $558 million in direct-award contracts, including $92 million to engineering firm SNC Lavalin.

Trump-era rule change allowing the logging of old-growth forests violates laws, judge says
A federal judge has found that a Trump-era rule change that allowed for the logging of old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest violates several laws.

Study directly links greenhouse gas emissions with polar bear decline, UW professor says
Polar bears and their cubs will starve faster in the coming decades as greenhouse gas emissions hasten the decline of Arctic ice, scientists found in a new study.

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