Friday, June 9, 2023

Salish Sea News Week in Review June 9 2023


Aloha Donald Duck Friday!
Donald Duck's first appearance on screen was in the animated short film "The Wise Hen", on June 9, 1934. Although Donald's birthday is said to be on March 13th in the 1949 short film "Donald's Happy Birthday", Disney later decided that Donald's official birthday is June 9th, the day he first appeared in film. Thus, June 9th is Donald Duck Day. The character Donald Duck came about after Walt Disney heard Clarence Nash reciting "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in his "duck" voice, and Nash went on to voice Donald until 1984. Tony Anselmo started voicing Donald in 1985, and is still Donald's voice as of 2017. Donald's full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck, and he is known for his sometimes temperamental personality, and is many times associated with his nephews Huey, Louie, and Dewey, and his girlfriend Daisy.

It’s going to be a hot, hot summer in B.C
Hot and dry in B.C. for June, July, August, says long range forecast from Environment Canada.

Skagit River dams license process moving forward

Seattle City Light committed to ensuring fish passage over all three dams in its final license application by building a five-mile-long road from Highway 20 down to Ross Dam and transforming a one-lane road into two lanes to bring in generators and other heavy equipment.

As Ocean Oxygen Levels Dip, Fish Face an Uncertain Future
Global warming not only increases ocean temperatures, it triggers a cascade of effects that are stripping the seas of oxygen.

To build a healthier Snohomish River, more log jams
About $2.8M in grants will help engineer log jams, tear down levees and promote salmon restoration at Bob Heirman Wildlife Preserve.

Industry, conservationists welcome Ottawa's delay on B.C. salmon farm transition plan
Both sides of British Columbia's contentious fish farm debate are welcoming Ottawa's move to delay a decision on a planned transition from open-net salmon farms in the province's coastal waters.

The Northwest is approaching 'peak dryness' much sooner than expected this year
Things are drying out in the Northwest sooner than normal. All the sunny days last month have added up to warmer soils and plants drying out more quickly. The driest part of the year usually hits in mid- or late-summer.

Marine Protected Areas, Explained
There’s nuance in how we protect our oceans. While the devil is in the details as to how their goals are met, marine protected areas are created and managed to achieve long-term conservation. 

The Shipping Climate Crunch
The global shipping industry is at a turning point that will determine whether it helps or hurts efforts to meet climate change goals.

Washington’s second carbon auction sold pollution for over $500M
The Washington Department of Ecology announced this week that the May auction sold nearly 8.6 million 2023 allowances and another 2.5 million 2026 allowances. Each unit represents one metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions.

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