Friday, April 7, 2023

Salish Sea News Week in Review April 7 2023


Aloha Beaver Friday!

International Beaver Day was first celebrated in 2009, after being created by a nonprofit group called Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife. The group chose April 7 as the date because it is the birthday of Dorothy Richards (1894-1985), a woman who had studied beavers for almost 50 years at the Beaversprite Sanctuary in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

U.S. House Republicans halt plans to breach WA's Snake River dams
Previous plans to help endangered salmon by removing four dams are likely on hold with Republicans in the majority.

Bracing for Disasters
Climate calamities will increase in BC. What can we learn from survivors? What must be done to help evacuees and save lives? A special Tyee series.

Another Casualty of Climate Change: Dissolved Oxygen
Vast oxygen-depleted deserts are an expected feature of our warming oceans.

Deadly fungus that has wiped out bat populations detected in B.C.
A fungus causing a disease that has wiped out bat populations across North America has been detected in British Columbia, the province says.

How Plastic Opens Fish Up to Disease
Higher death rates, bigger viral loads, and more viral shedding—plastic causes big problems for rainbow trout trying to fend off a common disease.

Shellfish growers in Northwest's oyster capital want 'blitz' against invasive green crabs
Shellfish growers in Willapa Bay in southwest Washington, the self-styled "Oyster Capital of the World," are alarmed by an invasion of potentially destructive non-native European green crabs. 

In Pristine Alaska, ConocoPhillips Prepares to Drill for Decades
Scientists say nations must stop new oil and gas projects to avoid climate catastrophe. But after the Biden administration greenlit the $8 billion Willow project, ConocoPhillips is racing ahead.

Low water levels in lake and rivers across B.C. have some worried
Snowmelt and spring rain could turn around a situation that looks ominous with many B.C. lakes and rivers at unusually low levels for this time of year.

Experts have ‘serious drought concerns’ for WA this summer. Here’s why they’re worried
Much of Washington is entering spring dangerously close to drought conditions, and the low snowpack in the Cascades and throughout eastern Washington isn’t doing much to alleviate conditions.

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