Friday, January 27, 2023

Salish Sea News Week in Review January 27 2023

Thomas Crapper

Aloha Thomas Crapper Friday!
Although Thomas Crapper did not invent the toilet—that is usually credited to John Harrington in 1596—he did help perfect and popularize it. We celebrate him today, on the anniversary of his death, which happened in 1910. Born in Thorne, South Yorkshire, England, in 1836, Crapper founded the Thomas Crapper & Co. Ltd. in 1866, in London. He patented and manufactured "sanitary appliances."

The “Washington Eight”: Washington Women in Congress
With her unexpected victory over MAGA Republican Joe Kent last November – in which she received no help from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – first term U.S. Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp-Perez, D-Wash. became the eighth woman serving in Washington’s 12-person congressional delegation.

Billions in federal dollars could make the Pacific Northwest a hub for renewable hydrogen
The U.S. Department of Energy is offering $8 billion in funding to create a network of six to 10 sites across the nation to develop and commercialize hydrogen made from renewable energy such as wind and solar.

New Fairhaven facility brings clean energy storage to marine vessels
Corvus Energy, a Norway-based energy storage company, celebrated the opening of its first U.S. production facility in Fairhaven Monday with informational tours, flowing champagne and a delegation of foreign dignitaries.

Depleted under Trump, a ‘traumatized’ EPA struggles with its mission
The nation’s top environmental agency is still reeling from the exodus of more than 1,200 scientists and policy experts during the Trump administration... And now this: The stressed-out, stretched-thin Environmental Protection Agency is scrambling to write about a half-dozen highly complex rules and regulations that are central to President Joe Biden’s climate goals.

Salmon farms not 'solely' to blame for growing B.C. sea lice infestations, claims DFO study
A government study claims fish farms aren't solely to blame for the growing prevalence of sea lice among wild salmon along the B.C. coast.

Air pollution is changing how our brain functions, researchers at UBC, UVic find
Researchers at the University of British Columbia and University of Victoria have found that exposure to traffic pollution is changing the way our brain works.

Federal government blocks BP Cherry Point north wing, limits crude oil volume
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will require BP to limit the volume of crude oil handled at its Cherry Point terminal to 191 million barrels per year* and prohibit handling crude oil at its north wing dock unless authorized. *Per Friends of the San Juans:"BP’s 2021 Atmospheric Crude Distillation Capacity (barrels per calendar day) is 242,000 – that’s 88,330,000 barrels/year."

‘Rarest of the rare’: B.C’s newest conservancy protects globally imperilled rainforest
The move will permanently protect at-risk species and biodiversity — including rare lichens, grizzly bear and wolverine — in an area Premier David Eby describes as ‘one of B.C.’s greatest treasures.

RIP Washington’s Hinman Glacier, gone after thousands of years
The largest glacier between the high peaks of Mount Rainier and Glacier Peak has melted away after a long battle with global warming.

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