Friday, July 15, 2022

Salish Sea News Week in Review July 15 2022


Aloha Orange chicken Friday!

Orange chicken is a Chinese-American dish beloved at Chinese restaurants in North America, particularly at Panda Express, where it is claimed to have been invented by Chef Andy Kao in Hawaii in 1987. The secret to the sweet and sour taste of the dish—at least when it comes to Panda Express—is a contrast of brown sugar, honey, and oil from orange peels with soy sauce and Chinese black vinegar. Orange chicken is similar to some sweet and sour dishes in China and is often considered to be a Chinese food in America, but it is not regularly found in China.

First foods: How Native people are revitalizing the natural nourishment of the Pacific Northwest
Five or six generations ago, Native people of this region ate a complex diet that changed with the seasons.

Researchers name newest baby orca spotted in B.C. waters  The Center for Whale Research (CWR) based in Washington state says it has dubbed the latest addition to the K pod as K45.

A distillery is fighting invasive crabs by turning them into whiskey
Tamworth Distilling's Crab Trapper whiskey gets some of its flavor from green crabs caught off the coast of New Hampshire.

B.C.’s sea life is bouncing back, slowly, after the 2021 heat dome
Barnacles are making a return, but one scientist says his early estimation that a billion creatures died from record-high temperatures was too low.

Supreme Court threw a ‘punch to the gut,’ PNW Native leaders say
Native leaders and Indigenous rights lawyers in the Puget Sound region and beyond are raising the alarm about a recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, saying it threatens tribal sovereignty with regard to criminal prosecutions and beyond.

White House weighs in on Lower Snake River dam breaching in unusual power play 
The Biden administration released two reports finding dam removal is needed on the Lower Snake to recover salmon to fishable levels in the Columbia and Snake rivers and that replacing the energy produced by the Lower Snake River dams is feasible.

A Day in the Life of a Big-Tree Hunter
On the afternoon of June 19 in the foggy depths of old-growth forest, Colin Spratt finally found what he was looking for: a 2,000 year-old western red cedar.

A ‘revolt’ against the court may be why B.C. is prosecuting 19 arrested on Wet’suwet’en territory
Defence lawyers say the province’s decision to pursue criminal contempt charges against land defenders opposed to the Coastal GasLink pipeline could be tied to concerns that the integrity of the court is at risk.

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