Friday, June 17, 2022

Salish Sea News Week in Review June 17 2022


Aloha Crocodile Friday!

World Croc Day is a global awareness campaign to highlight the plight of endangered crocodiles and alligators around the world.  Crocodiles and alligators are celebrated and there is hope the day will encourage people to get involved in helping them. World Croc Day was organized by the Crocodile Research Coalition in conjunction with the Belize Zoo. Hug a croc today!

B.C. salmon farm sea lice levels five times limit during critical wild fish migration, docs reveal
Sea lice counts at a fish farm in Clayoquot Sound were roughly five times the legal limit during a critical window for out-migrating wild salmon, according to internal government emails.

Campbell River estuary is a restoration showcase to save salmon habitat from climate change 
For years, the estuary — Mill Pond in the Baikie Island Reserve — was an industrial wasteland, stuffed full of log booms and surrounded by timber yards.

When the Floods Hit, Will We Be Ready?
The Lower Mainland flooded in 1948. The next one will be worse. A six-;art series exploring life and risk on the Lower Mainland’s floodplain, the stretches of flat land in the region by the Fraser River and the coast.

If this dike fails, Stanwood goes underwater
The levee is over a hundred years old. And it shows. But efforts have lagged to fix it before it’s too late. The four-mile-long mound of dirt and grass is all that is holding back Puget Sound.

B.C. beekeepers grapple with 32% winter colony loss, according to survey
The province's 'spring survey' for beekeepers has shown yet another bad year for colony survival.

Why climate change could mean more jellyfish for B.C
Under a shifting climate, explosive growth of the freshwater jellyfish could damage local ecosystems.

U.S. House passes a major wildlife conservation spending bill
The Recovering America's Wildlife Act, which passed the U.S. House on Tuesday, would create an annual fund of more than $1.3 billion to conserve endangered species — from the red-cockaded woodpecker to the snuffbox mussel. 

Conservation groups sue feds to protect old-growth forests
Six environmental groups sued officials of the Biden administration Tuesday, saying a Trump-era rule change that allowed logging of old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest violates federal laws and was politically motivated.

EPA: ‘Forever chemicals’ pose risk even at very low levels
The Environmental Protection Agency is warning that two nonstick and stain-resistant compounds found in drinking water are more dangerous than previously thought and pose health risks even at levels so low they cannot currently be detected.

Law firm asks B.C. municipalities to back class action lawsuit against oil companies
West Coast Environmental Law launched a campaign called "Sue Big Oil" on Wednesday ,asking people to sign a declaration encouraging municipalities to offer up $1 per resident to go toward a class action lawsuit against fossil fuel companies.

Five proposed protected areas that could help Canada meet its 2030 conservation targets
It is possible to protect 30 per cent of land and oceans in Canada by 2030, if currently proposed conservation areas are protected, CPAWS report finds.

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