Friday, May 6, 2022

Salish Sea News Week in Review May 6 2022


Florence Nightingale

Aloha National Nurses Day!
National Nurses Day honors and celebrates nurses. The holiday is part of National Nurses Week. It opens the week, and the week concludes on May 12 with Florence Nightingale's birthday. National Student Nurses Day and National School Nurse Day are also a part of the week.

Scientists taking this new approach to restore salmon habitat along the railroad in Whatcom 
There are about 73 miles of shoreline between Olympia and the Canadian border impacted by the railroad. The railroad not only blocks access to streams, it also reduces the size of estuaries and impedes the natural delivery of sediments and large wood to the shoreline.

Intalco plant reopening 'highly questionable'
Talks to reopen the plant between Blue Wolf Capital LLC, the relaunch proponent, and the Bonneville Power Administration, the likely electrical provider, have not produced a viable energy contract after several months of negotiations.

Comox Valley Regional District goes to court to halt ship-breaking at Union Bay
A ship-breaking operation at Union Bay on the east side of Vancouver Island is being taken to court by the Comox Valley Regional District which argues this industrial use is not permitted.

B.C.'s first Indigenous Healing Forest will be on the Sunshine Coast 
The Healing Forest Initiative is now partnering with the David Suzuki Foundation to build a network of healing forests across Canada to honour residential school victims, survivors and families.

Salish Sea Science prize awarded to Shoreline restoration scientist Tina Whitman
The SeaDoc Society is awarding the prestigious 2022 Salish Sea Science Prize to Tina Whitman, Science Director at the Friends of the San Juans for producing science that led to copious beach habitat protection and restoration throughout the San Juan Islands.

DFO expands protection measures for southern resident killer whales
What does it all mean for the endangered species?

New orca is born to K pod, first in 11 years
A calf has been born to mother orca K20, the first baby for the K pod family of southern resident orcas in 11 years.

Lummi-carved totem will travel 2,300 miles for salmon advocacy
A 14-foot totem pole sculpted by master carvers in the Lummi Nation will travel more than 2,300 miles over the next few weeks as part of an advocacy campaign for salmon restoration.

Raising awareness of missing, murdered Indigenous women
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day has been observed in the United States on May 5, after the first national day of recognition was initiated in 2017.

Naturalists spot first Salish Sea humpback whale calf of the year
Just in time for Mother’s Day, the first humpback whale calf of the 2022 season was spotted in the Salish Sea in Boundary Pass near the U.S./Canadian border Monday.

Fire & Flood, Facing Two Extremes: Why B.C. can't always build its way out of risks
Moving homes and infrastructure out of a flood-prone area, or "managed retreat," is often seen as a last resort but it's a tactic some experts believe should be used more frequently in B.C.

Kelp has protected Samish people for millennia. Now it needs their help
Kelp forests have fed and supported coastal tribes like the Samish since time immemorial. With these underwater forests in trouble up and down the West Coast, some researchers and tribal members are now trying to return the favor.

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