Friday, April 1, 2022

Salish Sea News Week in Review April 1 2022


Aloha Spaghetti Tree Friday!
Robert Couse-Baker writes: "With the unusually mild winter, we were able to have our first harvest of spaghetti this morning. Seriously, there’s nothing like spaghetti fresh off the tree! Northern California’s spaghetti is a legacy of the Swiss-Italians who settled the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 19th century, operating dairy ranches and vineyards. Naturally, when they came to California, these pioneers brought their beloved spaghetti. The most common vinestock of Spaghetti trees in Northern California, (Iocari stultus var. flicrus ), traces its lineage to the shores of Lake Lugano in the southern Swiss canton of Ticino. This bountiful tree was first planted here in the early 1890s during the founding of the Italian Swiss Colony in Sonoma County. Last year’s cold, frosty winter mostly left us with capellini and spaghettini, if spring continues like this, we might even see Vermicelli before summer! We’re quite happy for the joy our little tree provides every year at this time. (Wikipedia)

Electron Dam owners settle with conservation groups, Puyallup Tribe case pending
The operators of the Electron Dam on the Puyallup River are under court order to stop killing endangered fish. A settlement reached on Friday with a coalition of conservation groups prevents the project from re-starting unless or until they have addressed illegal impacts to federally-protected native species.

Woodfibre LNG announces $625 million budget for this year, possibility of final investment decision soon
Woodfibre LNG, a Vancouver-based private subsidiary of Singapore’s Pacific Energy Corp., appears to be gearing up for another construction start, announcing that it has an approved budget this year of $625 million.

New orca listening post installed in deep water of Puget Sound
Over the side it goes with a splash: three ears pricked for the sounds of orcas, and the noise that threatens their survival. In the deep, this trio of hydrophones rests on the sea bottom, recording the sounds of the Sound, including endangered southern resident orcas.

Sea lice are becoming more resistant to pesticides — that’s a problem for B.C.’s beleaguered salmon farms
Open-net fish pens are the perfect breeding grounds for the parasites, which feast on the mucus, skin and flesh of wild salmon, causing infection and even death.

Taylor's checkspot butterfly, once rare, making a comeback
A rare butterfly thought to be extinct in Canada for more than three decades is making a comeback on Vancouver Island, and getting some human help on Hornby Island.

Canada releases plan for a 40 per cent cut in carbon emissions by 2030
Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault today released the government's plan to dramatically curb greenhouse gas emissions over the next eight years to meet ambitious 2030 reduction targets.

Canadian Banks Keep Financing Fossil Fuels
‘Gut wrenching’ report shows we’re going in the wrong direction to tackle climate emergency, despite Paris Agreement promises, say activists.

Northwest's freshwater mussels now 'screaming' for help
Almost every population of Northwest freshwater mussels is declining. Researchers hope to figure out what’s going on so they can save these keystone species.

‘Big victory’ for salmon habitat: Fish passage at dam on Green River gets $220M boost
Fish passage at the Howard Hanson Dam east of Auburn has received a $220 million federal funding boost that will help unlock more than 100 miles of salmon habitat on the Upper Green River.

EPA Proposes to Restore Protective Pollution Standards for Washington Waters
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on 3/29 announced a proposed rule to restore protective federal water quality standards for the state of Washington.

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