Friday, March 18, 2022

Salish Sea News Week in Review March 18 2022

Aloha Sleep Friday!

World Sleep Day highlights and celebrates the importance of quality, healthy sleep. It has the goal of bringing attention and awareness to sleep problems and disorders, while promoting prevention and management of them, in order to reduce them in society. Up to 45% of the world's population has a sleep problem, and most of these problems can be prevented or treated, but only about one in three people seek treatment.

The marvel of old-growth forests that once cloaked the Pacific Northwest
....Since the time of European settlement, about 72% of the original old-growth conifer forest in the Pacific Northwest has been lost, largely through logging and other developments.

Ottawa urged to pause proposed B.C. port expansion, consider alternative plan
A plan to build a new shipping container terminal the size of nearly 144 football fields at a major Metro Vancouver port has sparked a rival proposal along with concerns for endangered orcas and the salmon they depend on.

Inside June’s Deadly Heat Dome. And Surviving the Next One
Hundreds succumbed to scorching temperatures. Why was BC’s toll so much higher than Washington and Oregon?

How Your Caffeine Addiction Is Hurting Marine Life
Lab trials show caffeine has a range of negative effects on marine species. Larry Pynn reports.

Metro Vancouver moves to restart troubled $1-billion North Shore treatment plant
Metro Vancouver will try over spring and summer to get its much-delayed, over-budget new North Shore wastewater treatment plant back on track and devise a plan for completion of the now $1-billion project with the help of a new contractor.

State partners with British Columbia on flooding response
Gov. Jay Inslee announced plans to develop a flooding prevention and response initiative with British Columbia Premier John Horgan. 

State says choice of estuary is likely outcome for Capitol Lake
Converting Capitol Lake to an estuary — a step that would mean removing the Fifth Avenue dam in Olympia and letting the body of water rise and fall with the tides — is likely to be the recommendation of the final environmental impact statement for the lake.

Oregon and the West may be stuck in perpetual drought, study says
Many parts of the American West, including Oregon, have entered or will enter a state of “perpetual drought” if global warming, driven by the burning of fossil fuels, continues unabated.

No more COVID testing to enter Canada
Vaccinated travellers will no longer need to show a COVID-19 test to enter Canada beginning April 1.

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