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Salish Sea News Week in Review June 25 2021


Aloha National Catfish Day!
Living catfishes constitute nearly 2,900 species placed in about 35 families. The majority of species inhabit fresh water, but a few, belonging to the families Ariidae and Plotosidae, are marine. Freshwater catfishes are almost worldwide in distribution and live in a variety of habitats from slow or stagnant waters to fast mountain streams; marine catfishes are found in the shore waters of the tropics. Catfishes are generally bottom dwellers, more active by night than by day. Most are scavengers and feed on almost any kind of animal or vegetable matter.

More than 100 celebrities, prominent Canadians ask B.C. premier to preserve remaining old-growth forest
More than 100 prominent Canadians — and a few international celebrities — have signed an open letter to British Columbia Premier John Horgan demanding he preserve the province's remaining old-growth forests.

Your Fourth of July celebrations are likely polluting local air and water. Here’s how
As you enjoy watching fireworks this Fourth of July, consider the toll they’re taking on the environment, including nearby air quality, bodies of water and wildlife.

B.C. gets a C grade in protecting land and oceans: report
B.C. may be doing some things right when it comes to protecting the environment, but not enough to receive top marks, says a new environmental report card.

Endangered orcas missing from their home waters for 10 weeks
Southern resident killer whales haven’t been seen in their home waters for more than two months now.

Site C dam, oilsands pushing Canada’s largest national park closer to endangered list
Despite repeated calls for action from the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, Canada has failed to adequately protect Wood Buffalo National Park, home to the world’s largest inland delta, from the impacts of industrial development.

Federal court: Puyallup River dam needs permits under Endangered Species Act before it can restart
In another blow to the operators of the Electron Dam on the Puyallup River, a judge in federal District Court has barred its parent company from diverting any water to generate power until it gets permits under the Endangered Species Act. 

The Record Temperatures Enveloping The West Are Not Your Average Heat Wave
...It gets hot in the summer. But this record-setting heat wave's remarkable power, size and unusually early appearance is giving meteorologists and climate experts yet more cause for concern about the routinization of extreme weather in an era of climate change.

More info for the feds coming on Delta port expansion
The citizens’ group Against Port Expansion (APE) continues its push for the federal government to turn down the Port of Vancouver’s proposed Terminal 2 (T2) project at Roberts Bank.

BC Looks like an LNG Loser: Report 
Once touted as an economic powerhouse, the liquified natural gas industry is on the rocks, according to a worldwide survey of LNG terminals from the Global Energy Monitor, a non-profit research group responding to climate change.

Work at Big Bar slide site means Fraser River salmon should have better chance this year
On the two-year anniversary of the discovery of the massive Big Bar landslide on the Fraser River, officials say they are seeing some success in remediating the devastation caused to the river's native salmon.

Hot salmon: Heat wave brings concern for Northwest water temps as memory of 2015 die-off looms
As the mercury climbs this weekend, water temperatures are also expected to increase. Warmer waters can spell bad news for salmon, especially if the temperatures stay warm for long periods of time. For salmon, temps above 68 degrees Fahrenheit can be dangerously warm. The fish will often take refuge in cooler areas, like tributaries. Courtney Flatt reports. (KNKX)

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