Friday, November 13, 2020

Salish Sea News Week in Review November 13, 2020


Aloha World Kindness Friday!
World Kindness Day was started by the World Kindness Movement, on the first day of their conference in Tokyo, on today's date in 1998. The conference was held on the 35th anniversary of the start of Japan's Small Kindness Movement. The World Kindness Movement, which connects nations to form a kinder world, was formed in Japan in 1997, out of a group of non-governmental organizations focused on kindness. World Kindness Day is observed internationally.

Federal judge rules FDA violated environmental laws with approval of genetically engineered salmon
A federal judge has ruled that production of the world’s first genetically engineered salmon was allowed to go ahead without the required evaluation of environmental risks.

David Suzuki on 60 years of The Nature of Things: ‘I’m more determined than ever’
Television's longest-running science series has been at the forefront of exploring the climate crisis and our relationship with the natural world.

Navy Receives Approval for Exercises that Could Increase Harm to Washington Orcas
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has approved a request from the U.S. Navy to continue military exercises in Puget Sound and coastal Washington waters that could potentially harm the endangered Southern Resident orca population.

6th Asian giant hornet to be discovered in B.C. found in Fraser Valley
An Asian giant hornet has been found near Langley, B.C., about five kilometres away from where another so-called murder hornet was discovered last week. Destruction of murder hornets nest doesn't end threat
When scientists in Washington state destroyed the first nest of so-called murder hornets found in the U.S., they discovered about 500 live specimens in various stages of development, officials said Tuesday. Among them were nearly 200 queens that had the potential to start their own nests.

What’s at Stake with the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion?
New research from veteran earth scientist David Hughes concludes that the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project makes no financial sense.

In first for Fed, U.S. central bank says climate poses stability risks
The U.S. Federal Reserve for the first time called out climate change among risks enumerated in its biannual financial stability report, and warned about the potential for abrupt changes in asset values in response to a warming planet.

Scientists wrap up trapping season, catching 253 invasive green crab
Washington scientists finished the first full season of European green crab trapping, leaving mid-October after trapping 253 of the invasive crab in Drayton Harbor.

Port Angeles OKs pact for harbor cleanup
City officials have reached a legal milestone in an eight-year effort to clean up the western Port Angeles Harbor.

B.C.'s open-net salmon farms on the way out, but replacement systems may differ by region
The federal government's plan to phase out open-net salmon farms on the B.C. coast could result in different rules for different areas of the province.

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