Friday, September 4, 2020

Salish Sea News Week in Review September 4 2020

Aloha National Wildlife Friday!
National Wildlife Day focuses on endangered species, preservation, and conservation efforts around the world. Wildlife doesn’t only exist in the forest or outside the city limits. Look closely. The creatures and animals sharing our world live under our feet and in the sky above us. Our rivers, lakes and oceans are teeming with wildlife of all sizes. It’s essential to understand how we impact the habitats that animals need to survive. Their homes supply their food and shelter.

Proposed Roberts Bank terminal will add cargo capacity — but at what cost to Salish Sea
In the shadow of the contested Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion is another major Canadian infrastructure project that could bring major changes to shipping traffic in waters shared by British Columbia and Washington.

Rare treat: endangered orcas return to Salish Sea in search of scarce salmon
After six weeks away from its usual summer splashing grounds, the J pod of endangered orcas returned en masse to the west side of San Juan Island Tuesday morning.

Closing Canadian fisheries would help rebuild stocks and lead to economic gains: study
At least a quarter of major fish stocks in Canada are in decline, but efforts to rebuild them  — such as closing fisheries or setting catch limits — are often met with strong opposition due to negative socioeconomic effects.

Washington Ecology finds new climate impacts from Kalama methanol plant
An environmental analysis released Wednesday by the Washington Department of Ecology found additional sources of greenhouse gas emissions from the $2 billion methanol project proposed on the lower Columbia River.

More green crabs found in Padilla Bay
More invasive European green crabs have been found in Padilla Bay this week.
Fight underway against invasive crab in Samish Bay The invasion of the European green crab in local waters continues. In Samish Bay, what began as the discovery of a few of the crabs in Taylor Shellfish Farm’s aquaculture beds in January 2019 has this summer grown into a full-fledged trapping effort.

Drilling, mines, other projects hastened by Trump order
Documents provided to The Associated Press show the Trump administration is seeking to fast track environmental reviews of dozens of major energy and infrastructure projects during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump administration rolls back Obama-era rule aimed at limiting toxic wastewater from coal plants
The Trump administration on Monday weakened a 2015 regulation that would have forced coal plants to treat wastewater with more modern, effective methods in order to curb toxic metals such as arsenic and mercury from contaminating lakes, rivers and streams near their facilities

EPA chief criticizes Democratic governors, vows to concentrate on cleaning up vulnerable communities in a second Trump term
Andrew Wheeler outlined a vision for the future that emphasizes economic development in poor communities over tackling climate change. 

Vancouver Aquarium closing to the public until further notice as COVID-19 losses continue
The Vancouver Aquarium announced Monday more than 200 staff members are being laid off, primarily from the operations sector, as the aquarium closes to the public in an effort to save money after months of financial loss.

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