Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014: One Down, 11 to Go

Chinese do not call it "Chinese New Year" (CNN)
A month ago, when the year was fresh and new, I wrote about “What I'm Looking For In 2014.”

We’re one month into 2014 and starting out another lunar year. Happy Lunar New Year!

Have I found anything yet in 2014 that I’m looking for?

The state legislature is finishing its third week of session and it’s too early to tell who will choose to govern. Is Governor Jay at home?

Lots more concern about oil shipments by rail— in addition to coal trains— and plans to make Washington and BC the fossil fuel gateway of the Pacific. Good that State Senator Christine Rolfes (D-23) is pushing for enhanced safety and transparency and good that the Environmental Priorities Coalition is pushing for oil tax reform as well. Oil guys haven’t really pushed back— yet.

I'm still worried about what’s killing our star fish. More research [ Northwest Starfish Experiments Give Scientists Clues To Mysterious Mass Die-offs ] but no answers.

I’m sure fine words are being prepared for the 40th anniversary of the Boldt decision which established the Washington treaty tribes as fisheries co-managers. Meanwhile, remember who said the fine words about our salmon, “Extinction is not an option”? [ Feds Declare Salmon Fishery Disaster For Washington Tribes  ]

The only news from the Puget Sound Partnership thus far has been that the governor named Sheida Sahandy as its new executive director. Now will we have a Sound that is swimmable, fishable and diggable by 2020?

Well, we do have 11 more months to go. Or should we hit reset when we leap into the Year of the Horse? Horse,  not Bronco.

--Mike Sato

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