Monday, August 13, 2012

Locals Only-- Costco For Americans

We used to dislike drivers with California license plates. Now we don’t like Canadians buying gas, goods and groceries— at Costco?

CBC News reports on a Bellingham-instigated Facebook page giving vent to locals fed up with long lines and rude Canadians parking and buying gas at the Bellingham Costco-- "Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Americans."

Shame on our fair “City of Subdued Excitement.”

I’ll let the Chamber of Commerce types tell you how much Canadians contribute to the local economy by buying local.

I’ll call shame on those who use “Canadian” as code for ethnic groups who come to shop and don’t behave like “Americans.” European Americans.

I’ve sat with friends and listened to their complaints about the Canadians at Bellingham Costco. These are good friends, people who behave well— maybe some of them are posting to the Facebook page. I hope not.

How about living in China for awhile, some time in Islamabad, Mumbai? I probably would screw up local customs pretty quickly.

How about visiting some rural Hawaii beach and feeling bad vibes from the local kids when where you wanted to surf was considered “locals only”?

Shame on them for betraying the spirit of aloha. Costco for Americans? Shame on Bellinghamsters.

--Mike Sato

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