Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Walking the Talk at Lake Padden

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A few months ago the Whatcom County Council rejected reinstating an urban growth area designation in the Lake Padden watershed.

Citizens had testified on behalf of postponing any action on the growth area until water quality studies could be completed in 2012 to guide responsible land use decisions. Citizens also encouraged greater stewardship in the watershed and for the lake’s health.

Before the vote, Councilmember Sam Crawford threw a hissy fit and accused neighbors living near the lake of being NIMBYs and derided their water quality study efforts.

Since the Council’s vote, volunteers and partners of People for Lake Padden have continued their land use analysis and water quality surveys.

This weekend, at the Junior Ski to Sea event at Lake Padden, volunteer Julie Goebel and home school parents and students will be reaching out to folks at the lake with information about the lake studies and engaging people to take a pledge to help keep Lake Padden healthy.

The display they will be using and the materials that have been produced are the result of volunteer labor, donations and City of Bellingham partnership. Volunteers will be ‘manning’ tables at the lake during summer events, culminating in a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Lake Padden Park on September 8.

Details on the study progress and event schedule are found at People for Lake Padden.

How about that, Councilman Crawford? Come by this Saturday and say hello. Might learn a thing or two about walking the talk at Lake Padden.

--Mike Sato

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