Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Five Things You Should Know About Puget Sound

Map: Sierra Club

The Nature Conservancy recently posted their Five Things You Should Know About Puget Sound  and I’ve been encouraging others to put down what five they’d put forth.

I’d expand the geography to the Salish Sea because we are one big ecosystem family. But let's stay with Puget Sound for now.

My Five:
1. Puget Sound is a deep subject: Its deepest point is 930 feet. 
2. Puget Sound is big: Its basin encompasses about 12,000 square miles.
3. Puget Sound is not all wet: Sequim’s annual average rainfall is only 16 inches. 
4. Puget Sound locals can say “Humptulips,” “Puyallup” and “Poulsbo” without difficulty.
5. With projected population of 5.2 million souls by 2025, Puget Sound will have more people we can entertain with lists like these.

OK, your turn. How about sharing your list of five?

--Mike Sato

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