Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Salish Sea News and Weather

With this September posting, Salish Sea News and Weather celebrates two years of weekday news postings— and thanks you for reading and being involved in protecting and restoring the Salish Sea. In our short history, there have been 51,536 visits to the news web page and 36,599 visits to the commentary web page. We’ve made some good friends and we’d like to share them with you here.

There are a lot of fine blogs and news sources and nobody with a life can peruse them all of them but here are a few I’ve come to enjoy and hope you will, too:

Photographer and writer Laurie MacBride is always a treat with her posts on eye on environment.

One of these days I will get out of my armchair and join Jill who blogs on her outdoor and urban adventures at Pacific Northwest Seasons.

Like whales? Check out photographer and writer of wildlife musings Monika Wieland’s blog, Orca Watcher.

I enjoy going deep with engineering geologist Dan McShane in his observations of Washington landscapes, geology, geography, ecology, history and land use at Reading the Washington Landscape.

I still get to read one of the best environmental reporters in the region when the Kitsap Sun’s Chris Dunagan blogs at Watching Our Water Ways on the challenges of protecting Puget Sound and all things water-related.

And I unabashedly love listening to stories about birds, the environment and more at BirdNote.

If you tweet, check out Elliott Smith @soundslikepuget, Eye on Environment @LMcB, Paige Heggie @GreenBuckaroo, and Georgia Strait Alliance @GeorgiaStraitBC

And on Facebook, definitely Sound Action and San Juan Islands National Monument.

Good reading! And now for the news...

--Mike Sato


  1. Good Work - Keep going!

    2 years is soooo young! (The Fabled House of Rabbits Blog will be six in November!)

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!

    Now, BACK TO WORK!

  2. Happy birthday and congratulations, Mike! And thanks for your kind words re: my blog - much appreciated.

    A very impressive two years! How you manage to pump out such consistently interesting and informative news bytes every single weekday continues to amaze me. Thanks for all your hard work and support.

    (One minor correction: my correct twitter handle is @lmacb - with an "a".)

  3. Thanks for the kind words, good readers. BTW, go to http://houseofrabbits.blogspot.com/ and make sure you have the @lmacb right when following Laurie MacBride's tweets. Mike

  4. Trying again... accidental delete.

    Thanks for the mention and glad you enjoy my blog! You're right, there is information overload with so much great (and some no-so-great) content on the Web. I appreciate your thoughtful blog and take on the region. And yes, I'd love to have you join me some time for a hike or kayak!

    Happy trails

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