Monday, May 6, 2013

Puget Sound Starts Here Launches New Campaign

The Puget Sound Partnership has done social research into how the 4.5 million of us think and feel about Puget Sound and is launching a new Puget Sound Starts Here campaign this month.

Take a look at the campaign website.

In an email to ECO Network members, the Partnership wrote: ‘On May 6, the Puget Sound Starts Here website, advertising and local materials will have a new look. Instead of a static website that tells people what to do, the new PSSH will feature a mosaic of ever-changing content (videos, infographics, photo essays, articles and more) that celebrate why life in Puget Sound is so special, and why we each have a role in caring for the Sound. Next Monday we will do a “soft launch” of the website with the May “Walking the Sound” creative materials. In addition, our online advertising campaign and regional public relations efforts will begin. For each, we will begin slowly and build momentum as new content is added to the site over the coming months.’

According to Dave Ward, the Partnership’s Regional Stewardship Program Manager, in an April 9 memo, the new campaign goals are to “rekindle an emotional connection between area residents and Puget Sound, increase PSSH brand awareness from 26% to 50%, position PSSH as a connector for residents to a healthy Puget Sound, and reinforce the ‘umbrella’ PSSH brand to unite regional and local efforts of partner organizations.”

Sounds exciting and something to look forward to in the months to come.

--Mike Sato

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