Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WEC: “Holding Ourselves and Public Officials Accountable for Carrying Out Commitments and Enforcing Laws and Regulations”

Many readers received Washington Environmental Council executive director Joan Crooks’ gracious message yesterday announcing the transition of People For Puget Sound’s policy, advocacy and grass roots work to WEC upon the shut down of the once-preeminent Puget Sound conservation organization.

I still feel terribly betrayed that People For Puget Sound’s management took it upon itself to shut down the 21-year old organization without a word of asking for help from its members, volunteers, past board members and past staff. Shame on them.

But I’m glad that Washington Environmental Council is expanding its focus on the protection and restoration of Puget Sound.

Joan’s message didn’t provide details but I’m sure it will become evident in the weeks and months to come how WEC will expand its role in Puget Sound policy, advocacy and grass roots action.

I expect them to demonstrate in word and deed one of the fundamental ways People For Puget Sound sought to save the Sound, by “Holding ourselves and public officials accountable for carrying out commitments and enforcing laws and regulations.”

At this time of transition, it might be good to take a look at what guided People For Puget Sound in its two decades-- its Mission and Vision and Core Values.

That’s the banner passed on to Washington Environmental Council, that’s the bar that’s set for their meeting the challenge of protecting and restoring Puget Sound.

I wish us all well.

--Mike Sato

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  1. As a past board member I was very surprised as well. Did the bottom drop out that quickly? I think a little more explanation of what happened is warranted.

    Carl Weimer