Monday, May 7, 2012

Travel Notes: Where the GOP Sounds Like Teddy Roosevelt

The Hawaii Legislature adjourned in a last minute frenzy at the end of last week.

As with most legislatures, the budget, jobs and the economy were top agenda items for the heavily Democratic-controlled chambers and governor. The Democrats and the governor’s approach to jobs and economic stimulus this session was to push for relaxing environmental reviews and making exemptions.

Most legislation got pulled except for some environmental exemptions expediting state construction projects. House leadership expects to bring more pro-development bills forth next session.

So who stood with environmentalists in opposing these assaults on the environment and its protections?

"In keeping with the legacy of Republican president and staunch environmentalist Theodore Roosevelt, Republicans in the state House successfully led the way in opposing a series of bills that would have resulted in lasting damage to our environment," said Rep. Gene Ward, House GOP leader.

Republicans only hold eight out of the 51 House seats so that’s lo-lo (crazy) talk but it’s a breath of fresh air to hear Republicans speak to the ‘conservative’ principles they supposedly stand for.

--Mike Sato

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