Wednesday, February 29, 2012

People for Lake Padden Say, 'Thanks!'

Betsy Gross (Photo: David Roberts)
People for Lake Padden director Betsy Gross wrote late in the evening of February 28:

"Tonight, Whatcom County Council voted unanimously to reject an ordinance reinstating the Yew Street Reserve Urban Growth Area.  This decision was influenced by many variables, not the least of which were the letters and calls to County Councilmembers by many individuals and organizations, including you, supporting People for Lake Padden's recommendation to delay voting on a possible rezone/ UGA designation reinstatement until such time as their scientific studies of the lake's waters/ watershed could be completed.  We thank you so much for your support; it made a huge difference.

"We will complete our land use analysis and water quality survey of Lake Padden this coming fall, and report our findings to city and county officials. We believe that these scientific studies will provide guidance for future land use decisions and stewardship of Lake Padden.  We believe that the health of Lake Padden can be protected and improved by using the best scientific methods to measure water quality and lake health.  Using that science, government agencies can adopt best management practices in pollution prevention and land use, and our communities can become more aware of the lake’s value and become more engaged in its stewardship.

"People for Lake Padden is an all-volunteer effort augmented by Western Washington University interns and academic oversight.  The studies and findings are coordinated with various government partners in the City of Bellingham, Whatcom County, and the State Department of Ecology to exchange information, ensure scientific integrity, and provide quality assurance.  We can be found on the web here.

Thanks again for your support; we really appreciate it."

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