Monday, October 3, 2011

Salish Sea Communications ... Truth well told.

Salish Sea Communications
…Truth well told.
Effective and efficient communications made simple: the right message, the right audience, the right media at the right time… Truth well told. Your program, your product, your cause can stand out front and center. You can move your market, push your cause, influence policy makers with measureable results. Done right, your communications will make a difference in this world.
Salish Sea Communications
…Truth well told.
• Communicate • Educate • Activate
~Research   ~Writing ~Editing
~Campaign Development ~Media Relations
~Social Media/Social Marketing
~Public Relations ~Web Content ~Speech Writing
~Annual Reports ~Video Productions
~Interview and Presentation Coaching    ~Communication Audits
For the past 20 years I directed and carried out communication programs for People For Puget Sound, a preeminent conservation organization in the Pacific Northwest.
Today, as Salish Sea Communications, I bring my years of experience and skills to assist you in your communication and public relation needs—big or small—to raise your visibility and engage your audiences.

Salish Sea Communications
…Truth well told.
Mike Sato
Bellingham, Washington
(206) 229-2844

WA State UBI #601395482


  1. I worked with Mike for almost seven years while I served on the Board of People For Puget Sound (PFPS). I have the highest regard for his knowledge of environmental issues and for his judgement on how to approach them when trying to have an impact.
    Mike was a most excellent Director of Communications for many years at PFPS. He writes well and knows how to tailor his communications effectively at a target audience.

    I recommend him highly.
    Roald Bradley Severtson
    President of the PFPS Board 2008-2010

  2. I want to give into to someone on how to sign up for Salish SEA news. The email address on the site doesn't appear to be working. Btw, I love this site and read all postings.

    1. I have to fix that; it goes wonky every once in a while. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for reading. Just have folks send the request to or and I'll take care of the web link.